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ISO20000 & ITIL V3 Process Consulting, Audit & Training   


We partner with 'The Red Badge' Consulting services to provide best in class ISO 20000, ISO27001 & ITIL consulting, audit & corporate training services.

ITIL has become the most widely accepted framework for high quality IT operations. DWITS offers consulting services in designing, deploying ITIL best practices. Benefits of ITIL are multifold.

Top challenges faced by IT departs of organizations today are
o Fragmented approach
o No proactive approach
o No leverage on automation
o No incident history for analysis

DWITS ITIL consulting simplifies IT management with clear visibility and centralized control.

DWITS reviews and develops a strategy for delivering cost effective and appropriate IT Services to the business utilizing ITIL best practices and processes where required.

Key Benefits of ITSM / ITIL services:

• Superior alignment of IT services with overall business needs
• Increase in efficiency and effectiveness of IT services
• Fast track towards compliance with process best practices & certification
• Reduced “time to value” – identifying and focusing on areas that offer the biggest impact and speediest return
• Effective and action-oriented results with minimal time investment
• Better value of processes in service operations

Services Offered :

Base ITIL assessment service
Service desk operations assessment
Service management capabilities assessment
ITIL V3 readiness assessment
ISO 20000 readiness assessment
Offshore readiness assessment

ITIL/ITSM Alignment

In the IT world, the execution of, and the definition between, ITIL and ITSM (IT Service Management) has been greatly muddied. Those who support ITIL can sometimes become militant about its structure and compliance. Those who are opposed to its perceived rigor will push back on even the idea that their organization is an "ITIL shop." It turns out that both of these positions are incorrect. An organization does not implement ITIL. It implements IT Service Management using ITIL guidance with plenty of "room for self-optimization."

At Digital Wave IT Solutions (DWITS), we help our clients understand the purpose of the ITIL framework, define their Service Management offering and develop their approach to leveraging ITIL to optimize their IT services. DWITS's experience, when discussing an ITIL approach to Service Management, has been helping our clients understand that ITIL is not an "out-of-the-box" solution, but a framework that provides guidance and good practice (not necessarily best practice) for how IT organizations should operate.

And what drives this self-optimization? An organization's market conditions and competitive landscape that become factors in their ITSM strategy.

Of course there are many other factors to consider, including the cost and benefit of any effort put forth by IT. Regardless, ITIL is a framework that is played out in any organization through its IT Service Management strategy and implementation that will result in best practice for that organization. This is where ITSM comes in. Each organization must decide and choose how they will apply ITIL framework into that organization's best practices. The evolution of ITIL did not come from a book but continues to evolve based on the best practices in the field.

Implementing Your ITSM Strategy

DWITS has been successful helping our clients apply ITIL practices in those areas that will create real value to our customers. DWITS methodologies focus on not only leveraging ITIL guidance but also best practices we have gleaned through working with many clients in a broad range of industries. These best practices have been built into DWITS "DWITS Prints" that include policies, processes and roles that can be easily adopted and/or adapted (optimized) to any IT organization's ITSM strategy using DWITS's Adopt and Adapt methodology.

DWITS has developed deep expertise in strategy, planning, designing, building, deploying and supporting total solutions that consider People, Process and Technology and always driven by the business benefit to our clients. The focus of our capabilities are in:

• IT Service Management (ITSM) • IT Asset Management (ITAM)
• Business Service Management (BSM)
• Operations Automation (OA)

Digital Wave ITS Consulting has plans to work to make dynamic changes to your business. Our Consulting Services Group can help you establish the right program to align your IT Strategy with industry frameworks for you to reach your IT potential.

When you hire a consultant, you place your trust in them to deliver the best for your organization. You look for a practical approach and a depth of knowledge that will generate confidence at director-level and throughout the business.

Our professionals have a wealth of experience working in and for the very largest organizations, through to small businesses. We know what works and can help you achieve a continuity capability that is right for your organization. Our services, software and expertise mean we're uniquely placed to save you time and money, delivering lasting outcomes that work for you.

Above all, we aim to offer exceptional value.
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