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  Integrated IT Management with IT360
Businesses view IT as a key strategic asset, yet are often frustrated when the performance and business value of key IT components such as applications, networks, storage, servers and databases can only be monitored and managed independently using silo'ed IT management tools.

Integrated IT management enables business managers to better understand, anticipate and respond to IT-driven business events. As businesses seek the holy grail of measurable Return On IT through "a single pane of glass" that spans all IT domains, a new and powerful class of integrated IT management solutions has emerged.

In todays challenging business landscape, where End-user is king an Integrated view helps organization to do a deep dive in to business critical applications and its various levels of transaction. ManageEngine IT360 is a truly integrated solution that eliminates the siloed approach to IT management, ensuring that IT operations and service management groups can work together to quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve critical performance issues before they impact the bottom line.

The ManageEngine IT360 dashboard gives IT and business managers a 360° view of key performance and service level indicators to manage IT against real business outcomes and provides the desired transparency, visibility and manageability of applications, infrastructure and business services.



Why IT 360

Single view of IT just the way you want

Its integrated dashboard gives you the real-time visibility into IT just the way you want. IT360’s main USP has been the integrated dashboard that gives you the visibility you need to make informed decisions. This dashboard gives you the visibility into business-critical applications, servers, network, databases and network traffic. The inbuilt ITIL-ready service-desk module allows you to manage tickets and SLAs using the same dashboard. The unique business-service grouping allows you to logically group all these modules into one entity and monitor them separately.

It’s intuitive and simple to use

Based on your organization’s IT infrastructure, IT360 takes just a few days to make it up and running in the production environment. It’s simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require any certified engineers to set it up. Finally you have a tool that doesn’t require an army of engineers to configure and manage. The role-based privileges allow the setting of accessibility restrictions to the dashboard and data.


Scalability, well that is never an issue

IT360 is designed with probe-central architecture keeping in mind mid-large enterprises. This design comes with more than 15 years of ManageEngine’s expertise of developing NMS for large enterprises. To cater to the small and mid-markets, IT360 also comes with a professional edition, which is primarily deployed in organizations with lesser infrastructure and is not distributed geographically. For large enterprises IT360 has an enterprise edition which can support multiple sites that are geographically distributed. Similar architecture is followed IT360-MSP edition which is specifically designed for mid-large service providers with features like multi-tenancy, SLA management and centralized alarm management to name few.

Automation is the word

Today businesses are dependent on IT more than ever before. Your monitoring tool can’t wait for manual intervention to troubleshoot issues. IT360 brings in self-diagnostics into the product. With this feature you can reduce downtime by a huge margin as engineers will no longer have to go through technical log files to troubleshoot the issue. IT360 detects environmental issues and displays it on the integrated dashboard. Apart from this the integrated service-management module allows you to automatically log tickets and assign technicians from a single console.

Enhanced customer support

We understand the criticality of your business and your business’s dependency on IT. ManageEngine has been providing proactive and efficient technical support to over 60,000 customers in 190+ countries for more than fifteen years. To enhance the responsiveness and efficiency, for IT360 we provide support 24*7 on a case basis.

Built from the scratch

Unlike other vendors’ products, IT360 has been built from the scratch by ManageEngine. The underlying technology and framework has been put into use for close to a decade. IT360 uses these home-developed technologies to combine different silos of IT into a single dashboard. This allows seamless integration and dataflow between different modules to give our customers a real-time single view of IT.
  Applications Manager                                                                                                                       Go to Top

Application performance management ensures more responsive applications and lower TCO

Real-IT check: Can your IT operations and service teams solve application performance issues before they impact users? Are they using the most modern diagnostics? Do your key applications perform consistently on physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures?

Application performance management imperatives :

• Deliver high availability and top performance – for business applications
• Monitor all elements – in physical, virtual and cloud environments
• Empower IT operations and service teams – with the latest tools

The ManageEngine difference.

IT done right. According to Gartner, event consolidation – bringing together server, network, database and application event data – ensures that when it’s filtered and correlated, the risk of multiple tickets being created from one event is reduced. Today’s IT environments are built from a remarkably diverse set of software, systems and components. With ManageEngine Applications Manager, IT and data center teams can monitor the performance of heterogeneous applications from a single web console, receive alerts when issues arise, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, track trends and plan capacities using integrated reports.

Boost productivity – lower total cost of ownership
Improve – service availability and efficiency
Gain a holistic view – of business applications
Optimize resources – through in-depth visibility
Empower IT – with business views
Pinpoint application performance issues faster – reduces overall time to repair problems
Hit the ground running – Install, configure and deploy in minutes

What is Applications Manager?

ManageEngine Applications Manager is a server and application performance monitoring software that helps businesses ensure high availability and performance for their business applications by ensuring servers and applications have high uptime. The application performance management capability includes server monitoring,application server monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, virtualization monitoring, cloud monitoring and an array of other application management capability that will help IT administrators manage their resources effectively.

How can ManageEngine Applications Manager help you?

ManageEngine Applications Manager helps you with a holistic view to your IT resources. It helps monitor the performance of various components of an application and helps troubleshooting production issues quickly. This helps reduce finger pointing and improves quality of service to end users.

Application and Systems Performance Management

Deep-dive application component monitoring, root-cause analysis and capacity planning for your heterogeneous data center.
Application and Systems Performance Management

Topology Views help understand the big picture

Get a grip on complex IT environments with automated discovery and mapping of application dependencies. Introduce better IT processes and reduce total cost of ownership.

Topology views help understand the big picture

Integrated Management Console

Out-of-the-box support for over 50 application servers, servers, databases, ERP, middleware, web servers, Exchange servers, virtual systems, public cloud resources, etc. - all from a single, integrated management console.
Heterogeneous Monitoring Capability

Performance Views

Get in-depth performance metrics for your entire array of applications and servers. Eliminate performance bottlenecks and optimize application performance across the enterprise and web.

Performance Views

End User Experience Monitoring

Measure application performance from the perspective of your end users. Ensure your web applications behave as expected at all times.

End User Experience Monitoring

Web Transaction Monitoring from URL to SQL Query

Pinpoint performance bottlenecks in business transactions end to end, starting from a URL all the way down to the SQL query.

Infrastructure Performance Management

ManageEngine Applications Manager also provides Business Service Management that provides a business centric view to monitoring IT resources. This further helps aligning your IT resources to the needs of the business.

Why should you consider Applications Manager?

Solve Application Problems Faster Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) significantly. Ensure high availability and performance of your complex business applications.

 Easy to deploy and useNo expensive consultants or dedicated staff required to configure instrumentation. Start seeing results straightaway.

Proven Solution - 4000 businesses can't be wrong Businesses in more than 93 countries use it every day for their application performance management needs.

Modern Diagnostics, Affordable PriceGet all the capabilities you need in one integrated solution, starting at just $795.


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Network performance drives business results.

Real-IT check : Can IT teams be alerted immediately on their mobile devices about pending problems or performance degradation? More importantly, from their mobile device, can they initiate corrective actions via the help desk?

Network performance management imperatives:

• Deliver optimum network speed, reliability and capacity - for all users, applications and network services

• Equip IT teams with powerful, mobile tools - for immediate visibility into the performance of servers, applications and networks

• Don’t get overwhelmed by the complexity of physical and virtual servers and the cloud - identify and resolve impending issues before IT problems impact business performance

The ManageEngine difference.

IT done right. 95% of ManageEngine customers report they will buy more than one of our products -- so they can align IT with business objectives.

Implement best practices - reduce complexity, boost productivity and minimize risk
Empower IT teams - powerful, yet cost-effective tools
Make the right investments - harness IT infrastructure for top application performance
Control complexity - manage virtual, cloud and physical environments from a single pane of glass
Identify rogue users and applications - keep bandwidth hogs in check

OpManager is a complete, end-to-end network monitoring software

that offers advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources such as routers, WAN links, switches, firewalls, VoIP call paths, physical servers, virtual servers, domain controllers & other IT infrastructure devices.

Further the network monitoring software, combines an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly deploy the product for production and also apply your organization's monitoring policies across multiple devices quickly.

• Network Monitoring Dashboards
• Network Discovery
• Automatic Network Mapping
• Custom Maps
• Google Map View
• Network Traffic Analysis
• WAN RTT hop-graph

VoIP Monitor

• Network Configuration Management
• VMware Dashboard
• Hyper-V Monitoring
• IT Workflow Automation


Network Monitoring Dashboards As soon as you login, OpManager’s customizable dashboard gives you an immediate snapshot of your complete network health and devices that need your attention. Over 100 widgets provide you the real flexibility and insights you need to manage your network.

A single pane of glass for complete network monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring

• Monitor availability and performance, analyze traffic usage and manage configurations for routers, switches, firewalls, WAN accelerators, wireless access points.

• Get granular information for your Cisco networks; Leverage Cisco's NetFlow, NBAR, CBQoS for Traffic Analysis, Cisco IP SLA for WAN monitoring and VoIP monitoring, CDP for L2/ L3 network mapping, in addition to the regular SNMP based performance monitoring, Syslog and SNMP Trap processing.

Server Performance Monitoring

Monitor server performance across multiple OSes; Supports monitoring Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX servers (leverages SNMP, WMI & CLI for monitoring).

• Monitor server virtualization; Supports VMware and Hyper-V: Monitors over 100 deep performance metrics by leveraging VMware’s API and WMI.

• Monitor essential Microsoft services or applications viz. Exchange monitoring,Active Directory monitoring, MS SQL monitoring.

• Monitor Servers for CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization, Services, Windows Services, Processes, Custom scripts, URLs (HTTP/ HTTPs), Files/ Folders at no extra cost.

Monitor other infrastructure devices like Load Balancers, Temperature Sensors, IP Cameras, Printers & more. supports custom SNMP & WMI monitors.

Be the first to know before it affects your end user

• Spot network hiccups proactively. Get alerted through email, text message to your mobile phone, customizable dashboard view, Custom network maps & groups, web alerts, Smartphone GUI, alert escalation & more.

• Process network events viz., Windows event log monitoring, syslog monitoring &SNMP trap monitoring.

• Avert false positives using advanced fault management functionality viz., device dependency configuration, downtime scheduler and alarm suppression.

Troubleshoot and resolve network issues instantly

• Dive deep into network troubleshooting with wide collection of useful network monitoring tools

; Real Time Graph, Switch Port Mapper, Remote Connection to servers & SNMP MIB browser.

• Orchestrate routine IT management tasks and first level fault troubleshooting with IT workflow automation.

• Automate fault remediation; trigger self–healing scripts or patches. Integrate with your helpdesk for automatic trouble ticketing.

Live Network maps

• A live graphical representation of your complete network diagram that helps you quickly spot network performance bottlenecks.

Powerful network reports

• Get insights on network performance, usage trends and capacity with over 100 out-of-the-box reports.

• Share reports with your peers periodically using schedule Email reports; supports XLS, PDF and HTML formats.

• Get insights on which devices contributed to the SLA breach using the manager’s dashboard or Service Level Management (SLM) reports.

Enterprise ready network management

• Scale over 50,000 Interfaces or 5000 devices using a single enterprise network monitoring console.

• Designed to adapt distributed network monitoring with robust probe- central architecture.

• Ensure high availability using hot-standby or Failover engine.

• Scale to your growing enterprise network monitoring needs. Switch an existing standalone version to enterprise edition remote monitoring probe.

Extend the power of OpManager

• Customize OpManager to suit to your network monitoring needs; Choose the ones you need from our wide collection of OpManager add-ons and plug-ins.

• Make OpManager as your IT management hub; Integrate seamlessly with other ManageEngine products or with third party network management tools with REST API.

Deploy to production in minutes

• Deploy OpManager in less than an hour with automatic network discovery and classification using wide collection of monitoring templates for devices andinterfaces.

• Manage your network easily with industry standard monitoring and management protocols.

• Quickly apply your company's monitoring policies across multiple devices usingquick configuration wizards, templates and views.

• Zero consultation required to get it up and running.

    Helpdesk Solutions                                                                                                                 Go to Top  

ITIL-ready IT Help Desk Software

ServiceDesk Plus integrates your help desk requests and assets to help you manage your IT effectively. It helps you implement ITIL best practices and troubleshoot IT service requests faster. ServiceDesk Plus is a highly customizable, easy-to-implement help desk software. More than 10,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets.

Solution For ServiceDesk Plus

Customer Support Software

Enhance your customer support & service with the web-based, feature-rich Help Desk software.
Solution For SupportCenter Plus

Help Desk for MSP's

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP is a web based ITIL ready, Help Desk software with integrated Asset management module built specifically for Managed Service Providers. It has been designed to handle multiple accounts in a single Help Desk so the MSPs don't have to juggle with multiple software.

Solution For ServiceDesk MSP

Help Desk Software the World Loves

ServiceDesk Plus integrates your help desk requests and assets to help you manage your IT effectively. It helps you implement ITIL best practices and troubleshoot IT service requests faster. ServiceDesk Plus is a highly customizable, easy-to-implement help desk software. More than 10,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets. ServiceDesk Plus is available in 23 different languages.



Managing your assets will become harder as you scale up your business resources. But now, the problem of your business impact will not go unannounced. ServiceDesk Plus CMDB ensures effortless management of your entire IT infrastructure, by demanding in-depth visibility of your assets present in the environment.


Self Service Portal

End users can log in to a web based portal to submit service requests & Incidents. He can also access their existing tickets, find solutions in the Knowledge Base, and track the status of all their requests which will reduce the load of the help desk.

Self Service Portal

Service Level Agreement

Create SLA and provide quality services in time, to your end users. With the intuitive SLA management in ServiceDesk Plus, escalate proactively to four levels of hierarchy and make sure your SLAs are met.

Service Level Agreement

Knowledge Base

ServiceDesk plus has flexible knowledge base with option to add unlimited KB articles and allows users to easily search the information. It is bundled with fully loaded features like customizable KB for end users & technicians, approval process for article submission & more.

Knowledge Base Software

Incident Management

Restore normal service of operation quickly with the comprehensive incident management in ServiceDesk Plus. Report incidents easily, configure SLA, setup automation & workflows for each category of Incidents and minimize business impact.

ITIL Incident Management Software

Problem Management

With the ServiceDesk Plus problem management, eliminate the root cause effectively and put an end for firefighting of repetitive incidents. It includes managing multiple incidents and workflow automations. 

ITIL Problem Management Software

Asset Discovery

Discover every asset in your network with the efficient auto discovery options available in ServiceDesk Plus. You can discover all the IT assets right from Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX machines, Solaris, Printers, Routers, Switches etc.

Asset Discovery

Change Management

Through ServiceDesk Plus change management module, provide structured and prompt handling of all changes in your IT infrastructure. It is bundled with categorizing changes, configuring CAB and workflow automation.

ITIL Change Management Software

Agent Scanning

With the new agent based scanning, you can access any system from the remote network, independent of their location. The agent also helps to make a remote connection instantly and take control of the screen in seconds.

Agent Scanning

Service Catalog

Showcase the offered IT services to your end user and give a new face to your IT. You can customize your workflow of delivering the service request specific to each service category. You can also setup approval process and service level agreements for each service request. 

ITIL Service Catalog

Remote Control

Technicians can now access any computer from anywhere in your network quickly and securely with just a web browser & remote control feature in ServiceDesk plus.

Remote Control

Business Rules

Put your helpdesk coordinator for a better use by implementing business rules, which allows to categorize, classify and assign tickets based on any criteria matching your business environment. 

Business Rules

Software Asset Management

Scan your network and automatically discover all the software available in your organization and also understand how many installations of software are available in your network and manage them accordingly.

Software Asset Management

Help Desk Notifications

Stay informed about your tickets and keep your technicians and end users up to date on the status of the tickets by email and sms. You can also provide login information automatically to for all the users.

Help Desk Notifications

Purchase Order Management

Manage your purchases right from the birth of the PO till the asset expiry with a structured approval and delivery process. Identify the areas to reduce spending and eliminate redundancies.

Purchase Order Management

Automatic Ticket Dispatch

The new auto assign feature distributes tickets based on the existing load on your technicians. It also checks for their availability and SLA tied to the tickets before dispatching them appropriately. 

Automatic Ticket Dispatch

Contract Management

Manage Contracts with different vendors seamlessly and keep track of the expiry dates with automatic alert notifications for renewals. 

Contract Management Software

Email Commands

You dont have to be logged into the help desk application to create, edit or close tickets, it can be done on the move, with the pre defined email commands in ServiceDesk Plus. Simply send an email with the appropriate commands and the changes are done automatically.

Email Commands

Mobile Help Desk

Technicians can now access their tickets from anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices. It is an easy to use browser based application specifically built for mobiles catering the needs of ServiceDesk on-the-go.

Mobile Help Desk

AD & LDAP Integration

ServiceDesk plus allows you to import users and their informations from Active directory and LDAP with a simple easy to use interface. It also includes authentication and single sign-on for users without making any changes to schema of AD or LDAP.

AD & LDAP Integration

Data Archiving

Archive your old, unused data and improve your helpdesk performance. ServiceDesk plus allows you to access your archived data from different queue and also has the capability to search, report and export the data.

Data Archiving

Multi Site Support

Customize your configurations for every site according to their unique working procedure. You can manage multiple sites with a single helpdesk tool and get control & visibility over the IT needs of your organization.

Multi Site Support

Help Desk Reports

Generate detailed reports about your Help desk performance & metrics. With the variety of reporting functionalities, analyze your help desk and take control over your assets & tickets. 

Help Desk Reports

Automated Password Reset

One of the most requested tickets in an IT help desk is "reset or forgot password", which takes most of your time in everyday job. We have come with a solution to automate this procedure by automatically resetting the password, by integrating the ticketing system with the Active Directory. 

Automated Password Reset


User Survey

Know the satisfaction level of your end users with the ServiceDesk Plus survey option, where it allows you to configure questions, satisfaction levels and trigger them in specific to the survey criteria.

User Survey


    Desktop Management  

Desktop management for better productivity.

Real-IT check: Can a small IT team get control over your desktop environments? Is your IT team spending countless hours administering PCs manually? Are configurations, patches and security updates standardized?

Desktop management imperatives:

• Standardize desktops – with uniform configurations

• Secure client computers – by restricting USBs and applying patches and security policies

• Empower busy administrators – to automate, standardize, secure and audit the desktop environment

• Control – virtual desktop environments

• Automate – regular desktop management activities

• Secure – desktops from wide range of threats

• Spend less time – troubleshooting day-to-day problems

• Generate comprehensive reports – audit your IT assets

The ManageEngine difference.

IT done right. According to recent surveys by Gartner, organizations spend between $7,000 and $13,000 per year for managing each workstation. With the heavy business dependence on desktops and internal operations, the need for a reliable, cost-effective and easy- to-use solution has become more important than ever. ManageEngine Desktop Central automates the complete desktop management life cycle ranging from a simple system configuration to complex software deployment.

• Discover all networked assets – workstations, printers, routers, servers and other assets
• Gain in-depth asset knowledge – ownership history, inventory information and more
• Manage software licenses – usage tracking, group licensing and policy definitions
• Control procurement and asset management cycle – Purchase Order and Contract management
• Configure and manage desktops – remotely from a central point
• Execute custom scripts – deeper control
• Support users by managing issues and changes – a central help desk
• Resolve problems efficiently – self-service ticketing portals
• Detect, assess and remediate vulnerabilities – across heterogeneous networked assets
• Automate – patch management and security hotfixes

Desktop Central                                                                                                                              Go to Top

Desktop Management Using Desktop Central

Desktop Central is a web-based windows server and desktop management software that helps in managing thousands of servers/desktops from a central location. It automates the complete desktop management life cycle ranging from a simple system configuration to complex software deployment. With its network-neutral architecture, the administrator can easily manage desktops in any windows networks like Active Directory, Workgroup, or other directory services.

Automate your Desktop Management Routines

Desktop Central automates regular desktop management activities like installing software, patches, and service packs to client computers, standardize the desktops by applying uniform configurations such as wallpapers, shortcuts, printer, etc., secures the client computers by restricting USB, applying security policies, etc., and enables auditing the network systems with complete hardware/software inventories, license compliance details, detecting prohibited software usage in network systems, etc. In simple terms, it helps administrators to automate, standardize, secure, and audit their windows network.

Desktop Management Features

Desktop Central is a complete Windows server and desktop management software that provides Software Deployment,Patch Management, Asset Management, Remote Desktop Sharing, Service Pack Deployment, Configurations, Active Directory Reports, User Logon Reports and Windows System Tools.

What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platforms: Windows.
OS: Desktops (Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional, Vista, Windows 7), Servers (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2), and Terminal Clients
Technologies: Windows Active Directory and Workgroup based Network setup.
Vendors: Microsoft.

PC Life Cycle Management


PC Life Cycle Management


OS Imaging and Deployment software OS Deployment OS Deployment

Windows Desktop Management - Software Installation Software Installation

  • OS Imaging
  • Deployment Template
  • OS Deployment
  • Post-Deployment Customization
  • Universal Deployment
  • Install Software using MSI/EXE/ISS/Script
  • Unistall Software MSI/EXE/Script
  • Ability to Schedule Software Installations
  • Deploy Software as an Admin User (Run As)
  • Run Scripts Before and After Deployment

Windows Desktop Management - Patch Management Patch Management

Windows Desktop Management - Remote Control Remote Desktop Sharing

  • Install Patches for Microsoft OS & applications
  • Install Third Party Patches
  • Automated Patch Deployment
  • Scheduled Deployment of Patches
  • Automatic Handling of Patch Interdependencies and Patch Sequencing
  • Provides the Status of Patch Deployment
  • Approval MechanismUSB Device Management
    Web Browser Based Tool
  • Supports Multiple User to Control the Same Computer
  • Prompt User Before Taking Control (HIPAA Complaint)
  • Disable Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse on Remote Computer when Sharing

Windows Desktop Management - Asset Management Asset Management

Windows Desktop Management - Windows Configurations Windows Configurations

  • Software: License Management, License Compliance, &Software Metering
  • Hardware: Hardware Manufacturers, Types, Installation per User
  • Scheduled Scanning of Windows Systems for Inventory
  • Detecting Prohibited Software
  • Categorizing the Software as Games, DB, etc.
  • Email Alert Notifications
  • Firewall, Security Policies
  • Services, User & Group Mgmt, Power Schemes,Schedule Task
  • Drive Mapping, Shortcut, Environment Variable, Printer
  • Outlook, Office, Internet Explorer
  • USB Device Management

Windows Desktop Management - Windows System Tools Windows System Tools

Windows Desktop Management - Service Pack Installation Service Pack Installation

  • Scheduled Defragmentation, Disk Cleanup & Check Disk
  • Scheduled Wake up
  • Scheduled & On Demand Shutdown, Logoff, Standby, Hibernate
  • Install Service Packs of Microsoft OS & Applications
  • Provides the Status of the Service Pack Installation

Windows Desktop Management - Active Directory Reports Active Directory Reports

Windows Desktop Management - User Logon Reports User Logon Reports

  • 90+ Pre-Defined Reports
  • User & Computer Reports
  • Group, OU & Domain Reports
  • User Logon History
  • Currently Logged-in Users
  • User Logon History on Domain Controller

Windows Desktop Management - Active Directory Reports User Administration

  • Role Based Administration USB Device Management
  • Active Directory Authentication USB Device Management
  • Audit User Access
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What is ADManager Plus?

ADManager Plus is a simple, easy-to-use Windows Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution that helps AD Administrators and Help Desk Technicians with their day-to-day activities. With a centralized and Intuitive web-based UI, the software handles a variety of complex tasks like Bulk Management of User accounts and other AD objects, Delegate Role based access to Help Desk Technicians, and generates an exhaustive list of AD Reports, some of which are an essential requirement to satisfy Compliance Audits.

What problems does it solve?

• Eliminates repetitive, mundane and complex tasks associated with AD Management.
• Automates routine AD Management and Reporting activities for AD Administrators.
• Facilitates Creation, Management and deletion of AD objects in Bulk.
• Acts as an essential resource during Compliance Audits like SOX, HIPAA, etc.

What features does it offer ?

• Single and Bulk User Management
• Computer Management
• Group Management
• OU-based Administration
• Contact Management
• Help Desk Delegation
• AD reports (Schedulable/Compliance Oriented)

What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platforms: Windows (32-bit/64-bit support).

Technology: Windows Active Directory.

Vendor: Microsoft.

Device Expert                                                                                                                                  Go to Top

Manage Configurations, Take Control of Changes, Ensure Compliance, Automate Tasks!

DeviceExpert is a web–based, multi vendor network change, configuration and compliance management (NCCCM) solution for switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices. Trusted by thousands of network administrators around the world, DeviceExpert helps automate and take total control of the entire life cycle of device configuration management.


Configuration Management

Mutli-vendor Device Configuration Support

Mutli-vendor Device Configuration Support

An integrated solution for managing the configurations of devices from multiple vendors.

Device Discovery

Device Discovery

Discovery option to scan your network and automatically add SNMP-enabled devices in bulk.

Informative Inventory

Informative Inventory

Informative device inventory depicting device details and hardware properties.

Encrypted Storage of Configuration & Centralized Control

Encrypted Storage of Configuration & Centralized Control

Device configurations are encrypted and stored in the database. Centralized control over the configurations from the GUI.

Configuration Versioning & Comparison

Configuration Versioning & Comparison

Configurations are versioned and stored. Option to quickly compare any two configuration versions of same device or different devices.

Baseline Configuration

Baseline Configuration

Provision for labeling trusted configuration versions as 'Baseline' to enable quick rollback of configurations in the event of a network outage.

Scheduling Configuration Backup & Other Tasks

Scheduling Configuration Backup & Other Tasks

Scheduled tasks to automate various configuration operations, including nightly backups.

Role-based Access Control

Role-based Access Control

Role-based privileges to restrict access to device configurations.

Approval Mechanism for Configuration Upload

Approval Mechanism for Configuration Upload

Operators will require review and approval by administrators for device configuration changes.

Remote Firmware Upgrade / OS Images Transfer 

Remote Firmware Upgrade / OS Images Transfer

Execute tasks such as firmware upgrade, OS images transfer in fully automated fashion.

  Change Management  

Real-time Configuration Change Tracking

Real-time Configuration Change Tracking

Provision to monitor devices and detect configuration changes in real-time.

Change Management Rules & Notifications 

Change Management Rules & Notifications

Provision to initiate alerts or to automatically rollback configurations upon identifying configuration changes.

  Compliance Management  

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Provision to define standards and check the configurations for compliance to the rules defined.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Comprehensive reports depicting violations and compliance. Out-of-the-box reports for SOX, HIPAA regulations.

  Automation & Tools  

Automating Configuration Tasks 

Automating Configuration Tasks

Robust provision for automating time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks. Deploy configuration changes in bulk to many devices.

Command Execution Tools

Command Execution Tools

Utilities and tools to execute various commands on the devices and display the output on the GUI.

Searching Devices, Configuration

Searching Devices, Configuration

Provision to do quick searches for specific words, strings, phrases or a combination of these in device configuration files.

Database Backup & Disaster Recovery

Database Backup & Disaster Recovery

Provision for a reliable disaster recovery mechanism through periodic backup. Scripts for quick restoration.

Integration with External Identity Stores 

Integration with External Identity Stores, Authentication Mechanism

Provision to import users from Windows Active Directory or LDAP and also leverage the authentication mechanism.

Switch Port Mapper 

Switch Port Mapper

Tool to identify the list of devices connected to each port of the managed switch. This eliminates the need for manually tracing the network cables.

  Audit & Reports  

User Activity Tracking

User Activity Tracking

Complete record of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of device configuration change.

Reports on Inventory, Configuration Changes, Compliance 

Reports on Inventory, Configuration Changes, Compliance

Intuitive reports on entire device configuration management scenario in your enterprise.


What problems does it solve?

• Analysis by IT experts have revealed that the commonest cause for most Network outages is faulty configuration changes. In IT enterprises, network administrators manage a large number of network devices and quite often they need to carry out unplanned configuration changes. As configuration changes have to be made almost continuously, administrators are struggling to keep track of the changes done to the configurations. In the face of network outages, it becomes difficult to troubleshoot. DeviceExpert helps maintain versions of device configurations in a secure, centralized repository and manage them from a single interface.

• Network devices are the crucial components of the enterprise and any unauthorized configuration change could wreak havoc on the network. Even when genuine configuration changes are done, the security professionals are required to ensure that the changes do not create any impact on the network security. DeviceExpert helps the network security professionals to take total control of the configuration changes.

• With increasing security threats to mission-critical network resources and serious legal consequences of information mis-management, IT managers everywhere are required not just to follow standard practices, internal security policies, stringent Government regulations and industrial guidelines, but also demonstrate that the policies are enforced and network devices remain compliant to the policies defined. DeviceExpert precisely helps in achieving this with ease.

• Automation is the buzzword in IT operations nowadays. IT Managers are always be on the look out for automating repetitive and time consuming tasks in order to reduce operations cost and improve productivity. DeviceExpert helps automate all configuration tasks and helps improve productivity.

What you can do with DeviceExpert?

Manage Configurations

• Backup configurations, maintain history, compare versions & upload changes, all from a centralized web GUI. DeviceExpert completely eliminates the time-consuming practice of manually connecting to the devices via Telnet or SSH to manage configurations

Take Control of Changes

• Monitor configuration changes, get instant notifications & prevent unauthorized changes

Ensure Compliance

• Define standard practices and policies and automatically check device configurations for compliance. Get reports on compliance status and satisfy your auditors


• Automate all repetitive, time-consuming configuration management tasks


• Get complete record of who, what and when of configuration changes

What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platforms: Windows and Linux

Vendors: Cisco, HP, Nortel, Juniper, Force10, 3Com, D-link, Foundry, Dell, Aruba, Extreme, ADTRAN, Enterasys, Huawei, Blue Coat, Proxim, NetScreen, NETGEAR, FortiNet, ALAXALA, Brocade, Radware, DAX, H3C, Yamaha, Vanguard, Allied Telesis, Alcatel, Fujitsu, Motorola, Acme Packet, Watch Guard, Canoga Perkins

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NetFlow Analyzer, a complete traffic analytics tool, leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer, primarily a bandwidth monitoring tool, has been optimizing thousands of networks across the World by giving holistic view about their network bandwidth and traffic patterns.

NetFlow Analyzer is a unified solution that collects, analyzes and reports about what your network bandwidth is being used for and by whom. NetFlow Analyzer is the trusted partner optimizing the bandwidth usage of over a million interfaces worldwide apart from performing network forensics and network traffic analysis.

Get to the root of traffic analysis using NetFlow Analyzer

Bandwidth Monitoring & Traffic Analysis

• Monitor network bandwidth and traffic patterns at an interface-specific level

• Drill down into interface level details to discover traffic patterns and device performance.

• Get real-time insight into your network bandwidth with one minute granularity reports.

Network Forensics and Security Analysis

• Detect a broad spectrum of external and internal security threats usingContinuous Stream Mining Engine technology.

• Track network anomalies that surpass your network firewall.

• Identify context-sensitive anomalies and zero-day intrusions using NetFlow Analyzer.

Intelligent Application Monitoring

• Recognize and classify non-standard applications that hog your network bandwidth using NetFlow Analyzer.

• Examine a designated router interface and identify the type of application and its associated traffic.

• NetFlow Analyzer leverages on Cisco NBAR to give you deep visibility into layer 7 traffic and recognize applications that use dynamic port numbers or hide behind well-known ports.

Valdiate QoS policies using Cisco CBQoS

• Prioritize business-critical applications and ensure correctness of QoS policies applied using Cisco CBQoS.

• Validate the effectiveness of CBQoS policies applied, with reports on pre and post policy traffic, class-wise drops and queuing information per class.

• Achieve deep visibility through child policy and "match-statement" reporting.

Monitor Voice and Data effectively

• Analyze IP service levels for network-based applications and services using NetFlow Analyzer IP SLA monitor.

• Ensure high level of data and voice communication quality using Cisco IP SLA technology.

• Keep a tab on key performance metrics of voice and data traffic.

Capacity Planning and Billing

• Make informed decisions on your bandwidth growth using capacity planning reports

• Measure your bandwidth growth over a period time with long term reporting

• Accurate trend over extended historic periods.

• Generate on-demand billing for accounting and departmental chargebacks.

Multivendor Support & Flow Technology

• Collect, Analyze flows from major devices like Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, extreme and other leading vendors

• Report on all major flow formats like NetFlow, sFlow , cflow, J-Flow , FNF, IPFIX, NetStream, Appflow and so on.

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Active Directory is the hub of all organizational activities: changes are to be tracked, questioned and verified to ensure an error free change management is practiced.

Unfortunately, the native Active Directory does not have the desired auditing capabilities; scripts and command line tools can extract data but do not meet myriad audit requirements. This gives arise to the need for a reliable audit/reporting software, which surpass these limitations.

What is ADAudit Plus?

ADAudit Plus is an enterprise-wide Active Directory change auditing software with reports and alerts that:

• Addresses the most-needed security, audit and compliance demands set forth by regulatory and government bodies, and

• Provides an IT administrator the right business add-ons to assist in the execution of a change management action.

The solution provided by ADAudit Plus are in the form of comprehensive reports and alerts, which are easily comprehendible even to technically naive users. The reports answer the four vital Ws of Active Directory auditing: "Who" did "what" action, "when" and from "where"! The audit solution not only shows data related to a change, but also allows the export of results to xls, html, pdf and csv formats and provides the option to print listed data which to assist in interpretation.

How ADAudit Plus works?

Active Directory Auditing and Reporting

With ADAudit Plus you can:

• View comprehensive reports on administrative changes and logon events in the Active Directory.

• Use filter based rules and configure ADAudit Plus to report / alert on specific change events on AD objects.

• Find answers to the vital 4W's - Who effected what change in Active Directory, when and from where.

• Thorough auditing of User / Group / OU / Computer Attribute & Permission Changes with new and old values.

• Support for MS SQLServer as backend database (Works with MS SQLServer 2005, 2008, 2008 R2).

• Receive alerts on desired change events - right in your inbox/ the product.

• Get the complete history of changes on Active Directory and Group Policy objects.

• Archive change records for better forensic analysis.

• Organize your Event log Data to help in Security and Compliance Auditing needs.

• Audit the Logon/Logoff activities of Member Servers in a Microsoft Server Environment.

• In Real-Time, centrally Track-Audit-Secure the Windows File Server files, folder structure, shares and access permissions!

• Audit Windows File Server Failover Clusters for a secure, downtime-free and a compliant network environment.

• Monitor-Audit-Report NetApp Filer & vFiler Changes on the Successful / Unsuccessful File Changes with Pre-Configured Reports & Critical E-mail Alerts.

What platforms/vendors/technologies does ADAudit Plus support?

Platforms: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7. Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2

Vendors: Microsoft.

Technologies: Microsoft Active Directory.

Exchange Reporter Plus


Microsoft Exchange Server is, by a distance, the most popular communication, collaboration and email messaging application today! MS Exchange serves as the hub of all email communications in most corporate environments that use the Microsoft Active Directory technology. It becomes a necessity to have an Exchange reporting tool that will equip and Exchange Administrator with precise, granular, comprehensive and actionable data on all aspects of the MS Exchange Server.

Exchange Reporter Plus                                                                                                            Go to Top

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Exchange Reporter Plus is a comprehensive and complete MS Exchange reporting software that provides over 70 different reports on every aspect of the Microsoft Exchange Server environment. The range includes reports of crucial importance.

A few of the many vital Exchange tasks that can be performed using Exchange Reporter Plus are listed below.

• Track incoming and outgoing emails, monitor mailbox size and keep spam away from Active Directory mailboxes with Mailbox Traffic, Mailbox Content, and Mailbox Size Reports.

• Keep a tab on the number of messages sent and received by each Exchange server using Server Traffic Reports.

• Monitor the vital statistics of Exchange Server Public Folders with comprehensive Public Folder Reports.

• Generate reports on Distribution Lists and also show the traffic for each distribution by runningDistribution Lists Traffic Report!

Exchange Reporter Plus presents these reports in an easily comprehensible format, that even technically naive users will have no hassles in creating and interpreting them. In addition to generating these reports in the wink of an eye, also facilitates exporting these reports. The reports can be downloaded as xls, csv, pdf or html files for further activities. Curious to know more?? Try Exchange Reporter Plus hands-on in our Live Demo!

How Exchange Reporter Plus Works??

Data, data everywhere! All the data that an Exchange Administrator needs is available in the Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and Message Tracking and IIS logs. Exchange Reporter Plus creeps, collects and consolidates data from all these sources and stores them in the software's in-built database (a process referred to as data gathering). When demanded, Exchange Reporter Plus uses programmatic analytics to convert this data in to statistically informative MS Exchange Reports!

Technical Information


Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008.



Exchange Server versions:

Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010.


Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.


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What is ADSelfService Plus ?

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management program. This software helps domain users to perform self service password reset , self service account unlock and employee self update of personal details(e.g telephone numbers,etc) in Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Administrators find it easy to automate password resets, account unlocks while managing optimizing the expenses associated with helpdesk calls.

What problems does it solve ?

Analysts state that 30% of helpdesk queries are related to password reset management and account lockout. ADSelfService Plus reduces the most critical password tickets which consumes a substantial amount of help desk time by rendering a secure, reliable and robust web based self service solution to the end user. The end user can manage his passwords by himself and also update his personal details in Active Directory with ease. The program also provides security while password resets through an enrollment and identity verification questionnaire.

What features does it offer ?

ADSelfService Plus holds the following list of features:

Key Features

Add-on Features

  • Self Service Password Reset.
  • Manage Account Unlock.
  • Update Personal information on AD.
  • Password/ Account Expiry Notification to users.
  • Corporate Directory Search.
  • Winlogon(CTRL+ALT+DEL) Password Reset.
  • Automatic Password Reset/ Account Unlock.
  • Active Directory Change Password.
  • Reports and Email Notifications.
  • Password Policy Enforcer.


  • Reduce critical password tickets.
  • Minimize Helpdesk time and workload.
  • Identity Verification by Security Questions.
  • Generate User list and account status reports.
  • Address Identity Management Password Challenges using Self Service. ADSelfService Plus - More Benefits...

What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platforms: Windows 2000/2003/Vista/XP. Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server R2

Vendors: Microsoft

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