Features and benefits

Fast and efficient

Refreshing, rescheduling or completely renewing the content of the digital posters is just a matter of a few moments, even in a country-wide network. In this way, your commercials, announcements, marketing or promotional messages will reach your customers before your competitors.

Spectacular savings

The classic paper-based posters, besides having a questionable efficiency, have the disadvantage of high additional costs. With the digital poster you can save the printing, distribution, display and related administration costs. Above all, the distribution of the content in multiple locations is just a matter of a few moments.

Targeted messages

Integrated with the ONLINET Queue Management System, the digital poster serves to display the ticket numbers in a queue too. In addition to this, the commercials can be played automatically in an order that covers the actual needs of your customers. In this way, your messages, commercials will have bigger effect, creating higher sales impulses.


Main characteristics