Features and benefits

Customers from passers-by

The interactive window display adresses the passers-by, the potential customers on the street. Compared to the static, paper based posters, a dynamic content will make a product, a service or a campaign more attractive. The interactivity will make possible for the customer to become a part of it, to model it, instead of being just passive viewers.

24h opening

The working times will not end during the afternoon and the week will not end on Friday anymore. The interactive window display makes possible for your customers to be informed and make transactions after the opening hours or even on weekends. During the working hours it will release your staff from many routine tasks, in order to spend more time with real customers.

Safe operation

The operation of the interactive window display is fully safe, as all of its components including the touch foil are placed inside the window glass. In this way, the whole system is protected against vandalism.

Main characteristics